The Lowcountry’s Multi-Discipline Management  Consulting Team


Vital Signs
A quick and economical diagnostic examination of your organization
A high-level, multi-dimensional assessment surveying the core functions of your organization
leaderBusiness Accelerator
How to grow your business...QUICKLY!
Intensive and integrated business services that nurture and speed the development and growth of high potential businesses

Strategic and Action Planning
Where are you headed?  How will you get there?
Definition of goals and objectives, and the resources, tasks and schedules required to achieve them

Marketing Program Planning
Custom Tailor YOUR  Value Proposition, Branding, Message and Media Mix
The identity, strategies, campaigns and collateral you need to achieve your marketing objectives

Website Design and Development
Make your website succeed as an integral part of your  marketing strategy
Create or refresh your website to ensure that its look, feel andmarketing puzzle
content optimally support your marketing plan

Marketing Program Management
Optimize the Effectiveness of  YOUR Marketing  Campaigns
Professional implementation and management of your agile marketing program

Social Media Marketing
Create a successful inbound marketing campaign utilizing social media
Web-based marketing campaigns using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Search Engine Optimization

Project Planning and Management
planning.strategyAchieve your Goals...On Time and On Budget
Everything you need to set up and run your project

Process and Internal Control
Define and implement best practices for your  organization
A tailored set of procedures and controls that optimize and
standardize your organization’s operations

Staff Training and (Re)Tooling
 Improve the skills and performance of your people
Customized training programs to help you staff perform at their
highest level

Operations Analysis & (Re) Design
Optimize your organization’s operational efficiency  and  effectiveness
Examination & analysis of your processes, procedures, work & information flows, and
recommendations for improvement

BAIL (Banking, Accounting, Insurance & Legal)  Services
Get the most from your banker, accountant,  insurance broker & attorney
Coordination and optimization of the professional services small business owners routinely use

Financial Processes Optimization
Accounting, Budget & Measurement systems to help you plan and manage
A comprehensive review of your entire financial system and financial management process

Accounting Processes Optimization
The right information at the right time so you make the right decisions
A comprehensive review of your accounting processes and policies

Credit and Lending Services
How to make you Bankable
Identification of funding sources and assistance in developing and presenting your funding request

Cash Flow Action Plan
Solutions for Funding your Operations
An action plan to ensure that your cash flow supports current operations and short-term growth





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